Sprint 3 – Game design

Yo yo blogg,

For this course we were to pick a concept from the previous course and make a game out of that concept document. We chose the game Behemoth and are making a game where the player control a giant spaceship, the biggest there is which you have stolen from your enemies. The enemies are trying to stop you from capturing this spaceship and take it back to your base. They are doing everything they can to stop you and will come in waves of enemies attacking you. The player will have to manouver this giant machine and kill the incoming enemies. We want the player to feel like he/she is manouvering a giant and clumsy machine and therefor we have made the design decision to not use a mouse to aim and shoot but keys on the keyboard to aim the cannon of the ship and also the protective shield.

In order to create this game, and work as efficiently as possible, we would have to set up a scrum, which is what I have been working with mostly this week. We had the basic scrum already set up from the first sprint, but decided to make it easier for everyone to see what needs to be done by what milestone by adding three additional backlogs to the scrum. And so, I have created three new backlogs to our scrum, the Alpha backlog, the Beta backlog and the release backlog. The three backlogs represents the three different milestones that we have for the project, and in every respective backlog the assets that need to be completed by respective milestone will be there, so it is very easy for every member to see what needs to be done. We have also added the ”complete” section into the backlogs where we update the scrum daily with an X on every asset that is done so every member can very easily scroll through the backlog and see what is done and what is not. When the Alpha backlog is complete, we’ll just go on and start working on assets from the Beta backlog.


Picture from the scrum.


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  1. zup zup mista Niklas!

    Well you have the game that we had chosen at first before we ended up changing our mind to another game. It looks like you guys can integrate a lot of cool things in that game not to mention artwork. I thought it was a little unfortunate that everyone ended up picking the same few games to make instead of going completely random. I thought it would have been a good idea for every group to just make the next groups game instead, it would have added some extra difficulty to it and made it somewhat more realistic for future jobs because we wont really be able to choose what games we are working on unless we own our own company.
    Interesting that you guys had three different backlogs. We dont have that, we ended up just having sprint planning 1 and 2 and 3 and so on. same for sprint review. So if something wasn’t done in the previous sprint review we could just add it to the following sprint plan to work on it that week. Other than that it seems like you guys have a similar set up as us. We liked to be as detailed as possible for our. we ended up splitting some things up this week cause we realized that some things need to be done in smaller parts.
    Well its been very interesting to read your sweet blog bruuuhhh



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