Comment Elias

Hey Elias!

Interesting post, with a lot of ideas and thoughts. It was entertaining to read.

I agree with your statement about the importance of communication. Communication is key for a successful game so I think it is great that you lift this so heavily. I think you tell quite detailed what, how and why your work is done in a good way. However, I don’t see to much of the game itself in the post which might have been interesting to get a short introduction too to get a bit more insight about the project itself. I also wonder, do you still use the scrum in form of the excel sheet? Or did you totally abandon that and went over to hack n’ plan?

Overall, a very interesting blog post with much information about the topic and how you lead the group and make it communicate well and making sure everyone take part of the vital information which is good. Keep the work up and it will be fun to see your final product!

//Niklas E.



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