Sprint 8 – postmortem

Now this end has finally come to an end, and our game is finished. It has been an interesting project where we have learned a lot, but I think most people are feeling a relief that this course is coming to its end and a hype for the next coming course, Arcade games.

We, in group Jabberwock has been making the game Behemoth, which is a game where you as a player is controlling a huge spaceship that you are to steal from your enemies and transport to your headquarter. The enemies however, will not so easily give it to you and are sending everything they have got to stop you, so you as a player need to fight your wave through waves of incoming enemies and kill them in order to survive. We wanted to give the player the feeling of manouvering a clonky, heavy machine and in the end, I really feel like we managed with our aesthetics and our design of the game. By having all the input on the keyboard, and making the player rotate the cannon and aim with keys on the keyboard rather than the mouse, the player felt limited to their agility and therefore got the feeling that they really was manouvering a machine. We managed to create all the features and assets in our backlog for our game on a good level so we are very happy with the end result of our game.

We have learned a lot from the project, how to in a good way work as a team, but also in our respective minors. My artists have been working with pixel art, which was their first time, so Im sure they have got a lot of new knowledge there. My coders have been coding and making sure everything is bug-free and my designer have designed his first game.

Me personally have been the scrum master for my very first time and lead a project for the first time. I have got a lot of new knowledge of how to lead a group efficiently. I have learned methods that are not as good for the group and also learned other methods that worked well. What I realized is the importance of actually meething up as a group to work together, the communication is so much better and we are all aware of what eachother is doing, so that is the most important knowledge I bring from this project into the next and I will set up a very structured workmethod for my new group where we will meet every day to work together at school and by doing so, we will all be aware of what is going on in the project.



2 reaktioner på ”Sprint 8 – postmortem

  1. Hello!

    Your post is well written with very few grammatical errors, and it is clear what you are talking about. The first thing that springs to mind however, is the lack of images. As this final post deals with the end result of the game, I think it would have been nice to see some screenshots of the game and possibly some descriptions of the design decisions as well. Though I am happy to hear you feel like you managed to make the game feel how you wanted it to!

    In regards to the assignment I am supposed to give feedback on whether you have described what is done, how it is done, and why it is done, which I believe don’t really fit for a postmortem post. Since this final post is mostly reflective and doesn’t deal with a feature the same way previous posts have I think you have met the requirements of a postmortem, even though the how and why are somewhat lacking. I would have liked to seen a bit more reflections however.

    Good job and good luck with your upcoming arcade game!




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